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Rating: Excellent Suit For Many Uses

The Lavacore Jumpsuit is a very comfortable, warm suit for stand alone diving or as a moderately cold water undersuit for neoprene drysuits. I wear this suit as underwear for my Everdry 4 and it works perfectly. The stitching and overall manufacture of the suit is exceptional and its inner lining is very comfortable against the skin. This suit also is easy to wash and dries quickly. Overall an extremely good quality and grade purchase for the diver who wants protection in moderately cool water as a standalone suit or as a thin undersuit for neoprene drysuits.

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Rating: Excellent Suit, Excellent Seller has always been a reliable source for competitively priced SCUBA gear. I get most of my gear from them and found they always had excellent deals. The equipment they sell is of the highest quality. On the rare occasion when I needed their no questions asked return policy took the products back without question for full refund. The Everdry 4 is a very comfortable and durable suit that will keep you dry for years to come. Unlike the more expensive trilaminate suits, this suit will not cut into you when it pinches. At depth this suit distributes the pressure uniformly so that the diver feels nothing but comfort throughout the dive. It is also not cumbersome or baggy - this suit feels like a wetsuit and keeps you warm and dry like any excellent drysuit should. An excellent purchase for both expert and novice.

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