Scuba Gear Reviews by Jonathan Shepherd

XS Scuba Stainless Steel Double-Ender Bolt Clip
Rating: XS-Scuba-Stainless-Steel-Double-Ender-Bolt-Snap Did the job 12/02/2011

Cheaper than most of the other brands offered and did what they were designed to do, but with regular exposure to salt water expect them to get stiff and require replacement every 1-2 years.

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Hollis F1 ´´Bat Fin´´ Adjustable Spring Strap Fins
Rating: Hollis-F1-Bat-Fin-Adjustable-Spring-Strap-Fins Excellent for specific purposes and divers 12/02/2011

These are great for diving with a large amount of equipment (I dive with a CCR and two or more bailout tanks) or if you like to "frog" kick. If youre a basic recreational diver you may find these to be a bit heavy and hard on your body when compared to a light-duty or split fin. You will also want a rigid dive boot, as a regular neoprene dive boot will allow the spring to dig into the back of your heel and put too much pressure on your toes. All that said construction and quality are both excellent. A note on sizing: Im a size 13 and with a rigid dive boot or a drysuit rock boot the 2XL is the correct size for me, but I did have to adjust the springs to get a snug fit.

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