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Scuba Gear Reviews by Janna H.

Innovative Octopus Holder
Rating: Innovative-Octopus-Holder Innovative Scuba Octopus Holder 9/9/2011

The new octopus holder replaced the old "scum" ball that I used when frequently caused my alternate air to free flow. I havent had that problem since I switched. If I need my alternate it is quickly and easily removed.

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XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Trim-Diving-Weight-Tank-Pouch XS Scuba Trim Diving Weight Tank Pouch 9/9/2011

The trim pouches have really helped me to streamline my profile while diving. I wasnt crazy about having weights permanently attached to my tank straps. The pouches allow me to adjust the weights quickly and easily. Just make sure when attacking to the straps they are secure.

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Scuba Tank Carrier
Rating: Scuba-Tank-Carrier Scuba Tank Carrier 9/9/2011

The tank carrier has made it so much easier to move tanks to and from the car to the dive site. I love them. They also give me a way to secure the tanks while travelling.

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