Scuba Gear Reviews by Tak Lung T.

Rating: Large bag!! Maybe a little to big... 11/23/2011

The Tradesman Dive Bag was a great value and can hold about anything you could imagine. However, I wasnt really expecting the size to be as big when I received it. Im 64" and about 255lbs. and I wish it was a bit smaller. Otherwise, it serves it purpose and it you love to store a lot of photo, rescue, and other misc gear, this bag is for you. One other thing, I wish they included diagram to properly fit this bag.

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Rating: Thick and hot..7mm Neosport 10/29/2011

Great bargain and and well fitting. Waiting for the winter season to start using this 7mm. The knee pads looked ironed on and purely aesthetic (IMHO). Would have preferred stitched on elbow/knee pads. However, very happy with the price I paided ($119.95).

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Ocean Quest 2mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Dive Beanie
Rating: Ocean-Quest-2mm-Premium-Super-Stretch-Titanium-Dive-Beanie Ocean Quest 2mm Dive Beanie 10/29/2011

Great deal and average quality. Seen much better. Wish the beanie had vented holes on the top of the beanie to release excess bubble build up (mild cone-head effect). Otherwise, great head movement.

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