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Scubamax Octo Holder..
Rating: Scubamax-Octo-Holder.. Easy Octo release 09/07/2011

There are fancier octo-holders out there but this keeps the reg where you want it and lets go of it when you need it. The female clip end seemed unnecessary to me since it is on a key-ring and would attach to a male clip end which would itself be on a key ring. Oh well, better too much than not enough...

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Scubamax Finger Spool
Rating: Scubamax-Finger-Spool Works fine 09/07/2011

Its yellow, the brass clip feels sturdy, and it holds stuff. Not much moe to say and you cant beat the price.

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Aeris Dive Instrument Padded Protection Sleeve
Rating: Aeris-Dive-Instrument-Padded-Protection-Sleeve Soft and Protective 09/07/2011

What can I say? I trust it to hold my new Atomic Cobalt... There is also enough room to store my wifes Veo 180 in there and keep everything organized and protected in the dive bag.

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XS Scuba Comfort Cushion Rubber Regulator Mouthpiece
Rating: XS-Scuba-Comfort-Cushion-Rubber-Regulator-Mouthpiece Comfortable backup 09/07/2011

Very comfortable - good addition to any save-a-dive kit

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Atomic Cobalt Air / Nitrox Integrated Computer with Digital Compass
Rating: Atomic-Cobalt-Air---Nitrox-Integrated-Computer-with-Digital-Compass Peak of Dive Computer Evolution 09/07/2011

This computer is hands down the most awesome piece of dive equipment Ive ever seen. The menus are ridiculously easy to navigate and it comes with cables to recharge the computer with an AC plug or USB. The program to download and save your dives is free for download but I dont really use it. It also comes with a set of protective film stickers for the screen. My only complaint is that the gap at the top of the computer is not wide enough to clip a retractor directly to it but a short zip-tie or key ring fixes that right quick.

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Armor Mesh Backpack Bag
Rating: Armor-Mesh-Backpack-Bag Good size, tough fabric, handy straps 09/07/2011

I can easily fit a full set of gear plus save-a-dive kit and still have room in this bag. The dry pouch is also handy for stashing a small towel or other items while on the boat. At the end of the day the whole bag goes right into the rinse tank and Im done. Wish I would have bought this months ago.

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Scuba Mask Bag with Defog
Rating: Scuba-Mask-Bag-with-Defog Great Defog 09/07/2011

I normally have terrible mask fogging (sweaty face I guess) but I have little to no problems using this defog. The protective case is also much handier than having my mask float loose in my bag or using the original plastic case.

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