Scuba Gear Reviews by Bernie Loewen

Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light.
Rating: Scuba-Mini-U-Beam-5-L.E.D.-Dive-Light. Good Backup 8/12/2011

I most often use this light as a back up and almost always have it on during a dive. One of my first times using, onother diver got separated from our group and was able to find is way back to us by seeing my light. Wow, paid off the first time out. Very practical and handy.

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Princeton Tec Shockwave II Light
Rating: Princeton-Tec-Shockwave-II-Light Great Light 8/12/2011

I am extremely pleased with the intensity of this light. I dive a local lake that has poor visibility at best, and this light gives just what is needed to be comfortable in the dive and allow me to find my way around. A great light at a really great price.

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