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XS Scuba 119 Cubic Foot High Pressure Steel Tank
Rating: XS-Scuba-119-Cubic-Foot-High-Pressure-Steel-Scuba-Tank Third identical optimum tank for me 1/6/2013

I am an air hog so I want the biggest tank I can get. I bought my first 119 from about a year ago and have since purchased two more. It combines the greatest volume with the shortest height and lightest weight. It worked so well, I recently sold all of my non-eight in diameter tanks. I really like not having to worry about air or being the first diver to have to turn around.

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Omni Swivel Regulator Omniswivel
Rating: Omni-Swivel-Scuba-Regulator-Omniswivel Great Product 7/27/2011

I bought one for my wifes Octo and liked it so well, I bought another for my A700 secondary. Expensive, but so is everything associated with diving. I would be leary of cheap knock-offs. This one is well made. I would buy again.

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