Scuba Gear Reviews by tom h.

Neosport by Henderson 5mm Explorer Kayak Boots
Rating: Neosport-by-Henderson-5mm-Explorer-Kayak-Boots kayak boots 10/28/2011

i dont believe you can do better than these boots. they come to just below your knee. when crabbing i turn sideways and put my legs over, havent taken in a . they are an accurate and roomy size 13. excellent price.

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Pinnacle 2mm Elastiprene Attack Diving Gloves
Rating: Pinnacle-2mm-Elastiprene-Attack-Diving-Gloves nice gloves 9/27/2011

I got these to use before and after winter dives.They are a perfect fit for my 2xlg. hands.

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Henderson Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks
Rating: Henderson-Polyolefin-Hot-Dive-Socks Nice! 7/22/2011

Theres not much to these, but you can forget about cold feet.

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XS Scuba 5mm Dry Five Pyrostretch Dry Gloves
Rating: XS-Scuba-5mm-Dry-Five-Pyrostretch-Dry-Diving-Gloves Better than i thought possible 7/22/2011

I have Renauds (white finger) and these great gloves keep my hands functional for at least an hour. They take some doing to properly put on solo, but well worth it.

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