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Innovative Silicone Grease
Rating: Innovative-Silicone-Grease Its grease!

Its grease,, its silicone grease, 1.5 ounces of it. Enjoy!

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Deep See 1.5mm Seehood Diving Hood
Rating: Deep-See-1.5mm-Seehood-Diving-Hood Great hood!

This hood fits on easily and tucks into my wetsuit quickly without a bunch of fuss. It creates some drag compared to other models but I used it to snorkel and free dive so if you just scuba with it, plenty of other items will cause enough drag that you dont notice this. My head stays warm in 68 degrees for over an hour and I feel like this hood makes ear pressure adjustement softer and easier. It keeps my head warm enough that I no longer have the problem where after 40 minutes my sinuses are just done diving. I always felt cheated by that since the rest of me wanted to dive for 20 more minutes at least. This hood solved that. There are sleaker ones out there with a better fit and smoother surface but this hood will do for now. If its not warm enough adding a $4 silicone diving cap turns it into a furnace.

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Deep See 1.5mm Seehood Diving Hood
Rating: Deep-See-1.5mm-Seehood-Diving-Hood ok diving gloves

I wish I got a glove that was more streamlined and made less drag but overall these have been good gloves. I have enough sensitivitey through the material that I can pick up coins and small items from the bottom of the water without picking up bunchs of other items at the same time. They keep my hands warm enough on a 68 degree one hour dive. Im definetly glad to have these gloves but Im sure there are betters ones to be had. For the price they are more than adequate and I dont plan on replacing them soon. I would recommend them to anyone who just needs a pair of all-around gloves.

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McNett SeaQuick Spray Defog 2 oz.
Rating: McNett-SeaQuick-Spray-Defog-2-oz. Works well but not perfect.

Anti fog is a hit or miss proposition with the user making most of the errors. I routinley wash my mask with a gentle toothpaste and then apply this anti fog before I dive. For some reason my right lense always tends to fog up anyway but it goes away after a few times. I think the mask may be to blame or the way I apply the anti fog. If that is so, then this is a great solution becaseu the left side of my mask stays perfect for the whole dive. Apply carefully and Im sure this anti fog is as good as any other product.

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McNett SeaQuick Spray Defog 2 oz.
Rating: McNett-SeaQuick-Spray-Defog-2-oz. Great boots!

I have never use fins that needed boots before but these are very comfortable and my feet never get cold in them. I dive in a natural spring and the water is usually 68 any time of year. My feet are always able to walk as soon as I get out of the water even after an hour. Also, the bottoms are grippy and comfortable. As soon as my feet are planted with the soul touching the ground, even on slippery slimy rocks I have great traction. The only down side is that if you walk across dirt while they are wet you will scoop up dirt in between the tread because they grip so well. Nothing that dipping your feet back in the water and kicking them around cant cure. Just wearing these boots is enough to make your fins comfortable for at least an hour. No complaints at all. I would tell a friend to buy these. They come in a mesh back that you can used on your dives to collect things or they just make drying them easy.

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H2O Thruster Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: H2O-Thruster-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Great first set of fins.

Ive never owned fins before. I am 28, male, 62 180 lbs. I bought a set of these fins to have my snorkeling gear for scuba diving. I now have so much fun snorkeling I havent even bothered to get certified in scuba. The difference fins make are enormous. With little effort I propel myself forward so fast my snorkel starts shaking back and for against my hood and I feel like wind is rushing over my head. If you want to see more underwater, get fins. I cant compare these to other fins but Ill say that Ive had no issues using them so far. They go on easy and are comfortable. They are very fast but also allow for slight movements. They are slightly negatively buoyant so if you move very slowly you can stay prone in the water,, if you sit totally still your feet will hang below you but they fins dont drag you down.

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