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Promate Fire Glow Beacon
Rating: Promate-Fire-Glow-Dive-Beacon nice little light 10/22/2012

this light is tiny but bright i purchased 2 and let my buddy use one on a recent night dive, the lanyard made it easy to attaatch to our tanks and i was easily able to track my buddy, we seperated to see how far we could still see the beacon and found it still noticable up to 20 ft in somewhat murky vis ( @ 30 ft ) good light at a good price and recieved it within 3 days

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Ocean Quest 6oz Premium Lycra Fin Dive Socks
Rating: Ocean-Quest-6oz-Premium-Lycra-Fin-Dive-Socks good purchase 10/22/2012

i bought these dive socks to help with preventing blisters during long dive days as i am in the water alot as a divemaster with students , they worked great, also a little extra warmth and they made it easy to get my feet into my wet suit and boots, they could be a little longer but i am very pleased with this purchase and they arrived in 3 days, great price also

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Armor Dive Flag Regulator Bag
Rating: Armor-Dive-Flag-Regulator-Bag nice bag at a good price 7/25/2011

i have a rather large console and this bag is big enough to keep it safe with my reg and octo decent padding and a nice heavy duty zipper, would reccomend this product for any gear you need protected from rough situations

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Innovative Max-Force Retractor with Brass Swivel
Rating: Innovative-Max-Force-Retractor-with-Brass-Swivel god strength 7/25/2011

this retractor may seem a bit large but it works well ihave a heavy console and have used smaller retractors that could not keep it up close , this one does a nice job keeping it from dangling , i clip to a d ring on my bc up at my chest just a slight pull and i have all my info right in my face really good buy!!!

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