Scuba Gear Reviews by Vaira Saravanan

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Spare-Air-Pack Good one "Spare ing" a few points 5/26/2013

Good .... Concept, size, price & color OK .... mounting provisions are a it flimsy. I tried the right shoulder mount but that seems to intefear with my right dump valve & also my reg hose. Will try the back- upside down on tank the next time. Bad ..... the fiilling adaptor platics seem very flimsy & it leaked a lot when filling from my tank .... please keep spare O rings - you will need it. Overall a good value .... gave me aprox 30 breaths at 10 mts.

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Scubamax Finger Spool
Rating: Scubamax-Finger-Spool Basic 2/2/2013

It is a very basic reel - a bobbin with a string & a clip. nice & compact to go in the pocket along with your SMB. This may need a little getting used to for Deployment underwater as the reel has no tension & the string can come loose ..... just a little practice & you should be fine.

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Trident Reef Hook
Rating: Trident-Reef-Hook Hooked 2/2/2013

Nice hook that does not rust ( hope it stays that way). If you dive in currents this is a good nor to keep in you BCD pocket.

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Aqua Lung. 5/3mm Polynesian Low Top Soft Sole Boots
Rating: Aqua-Lung.-5-3mm-Polynesian-Low-Top-Soft-Sole-Boots Where is the 5mm? 2/2/2013

Overall a good boot for the price but I dont see any 5 mm ( except the rubber sole of course) ... this is a 3 mm regular boot - is true to size & good for the price if you are looking for a simple 3 mm warm water boot.

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Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light.
Rating: Scuba-Mini-U-Beam-5-L.E.D.-Dive-Light. Good backup light 5/16/2012

Looking for a cheap (just in case) type back up light .... look no further. Great price , tiny-miny light, works on AAA batteries - love it.

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Mares MRS Plus Weight Pocket (Pair)
Rating: Mares-MRS-Plus-Weight-Pocket-Pair Great replacement 5/16/2012

I lost one pouch on a recent dive & was looking for a replacement/spare - this patron was the best deal available - fits my MAres Prestiege plus BCD very well - ordered a M size for M size BCD ..... very happy

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Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light
Rating: Big-Blue-CF-250-L.E.D.-Dive-Light Solid dive light 5/16/2012

Have not takenit under water yet .... will let you know how it survives, however very good first impressions. Solid construction, works on AAA batteries, superb bright light & adjustable beam .....

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