Scuba Gear Reviews by Gail G.

XS Scuba X5 Accessory Hanger
Rating: XS-Scuba-X5-Hanger Clever design! 12/27/2011

The Scuba Accessory Hanger is just the thing to keep your equipment off of the ground, allow it to drain and dry, and not get misshapen. Bought two - one for each of us.

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Ocean Quest 3mm Low Top Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Medium Sole Dive Boots
Rating: Ocean-Quest-3mm-Low-Top-Premium-Super-Stretch-Titanium-Medium-Sole-Dive-Boots Dive boots a hit with my honey! 12/27/2011

I bought these as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, since the pair he owned had worn out. He loves them, and cant wait to try them out. Perfect fit. Very nice boots.

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