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Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2
Rating: Ideations-Surface---Underwater-Air-Horn-Dive-Alert-Plus-V.2 Dive Alert Plus 7/18/2012

Easy to integrate, just utilize a shorter LP hose spanning from 1st stage to BC. Nice to have this on deeper dives, when vis is bad and when any kind of penetration dive is done. Couldnt be easier to use

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Sealife DC1200 Digital Camera .
Rating: Sealife-DC1200-12.0-Megapixel-Underwater-Camera-and-Housing Works Gr8 11/15/2011

could not be much easier to use. big buttons are easy to manipulate with gloves. camera has menu able settings for various underwater (and surface) conditions and lighting. covers all your recreational diving possibilities. the only feature i would like is to extend the auto off time to beyond 3 minutes. quite often i would take a picture, swim a bit, see another possibility, set up for the shot (e.g. angle/orient myself, position myself to compensate for current, wait for another diver to swim out of the shot) and by the time i was ready to shoot the camera had turned itself off. i know this conserves battery time but i would rather carry a spare battery and have the extended auto off time.

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