Scuba Gear Reviews by Michael C.

Rating: Ultra Dry Snorkel Design is a little cheesy 8/21/2010

After several years and several countries, this is still carrying gear. The esthetics are not my favorite, but it is structurally sound and a good buy. Our family has four of these.

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Rating: Ultra Dry Snorkel Fast 8/21/2010

These might be a little overkill for snorkeling, but I can get to places a lot quicker than everyone else and use a lot less engergy doing it. Ill get waterlogged before I get tired, and Ive never had a cramp. Our family has three pair of these and everyone loves them.

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Pinnacle 2mm Comber Low Top Soft Sole Dive Boots
Rating: Pinnacle-2mm-Comber-Low-Top-Soft-Sole-Dive-Boots great for watersports not just scuba 8/21/2010

these are very easy to get on an off after two years mine are on their last leg, but they got tons of use. ive worn these on multiple occasions all day long, and im planning on getting a second pair.

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel Best snorkel for snorkeling! 8/21/2010

I loved mine so much our family now has four in various colors the design virtually eliminates water and the vast color options make easily identifying everyone very easily.

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