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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone Best Snorkel Ever!!

So this little gem is probably my favorite piece of dive equipment I own. What is there to a snorkel right? a hole that goes to the surface for air? My old snorkel (or straw as i like to call it now) broke and I opted for a more expensive one with low expectations of it actually being a "Dry" snorkel but after about 20 to 30 dives I can honestly say its dryer than dry. I thought i would kind miss barley making it to the surface before forcing out all the water but I really dont! Absolutely zero water gets caught up in this snorkel and the only draw back i can think of is being about a foot under water and trying to take a breath and getting no air (cause its capped off) or sometimes I try and take a deep breath too fast and it does its job and clogs up and lastly you cant depict or imitate a whale that well when no water spurts out the top of your snorkel/blow hole. Def worth the money and will buy again if needed- also dont know about other "Dry" snorkels cause this is the first Ive ever owned but I can tell you Ive found one that so crucial I wont need to try any other.

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Pinnacle 2mm Comber Low Top Soft Sole Dive Boots
Rating: Pinnacle-2mm-Comber-Low-Top-Soft-Sole-Dive-Boots Wicked Boots

So I got the Pinnacle Comber Low tops since I mostly free dive and dont need the drag or warmth of tall boots and these are the perfect pair. I wear a 12 and had to send the original pair back as these run large (got the 11s but when wet sometimes i think i should have got the 10s) but had no problems doing so thru scuba cot com. The soles are a little thin for walkin on land like water socks but they fit into my fins and protect me feet perfectly. Super Light and absolutely minimal drag when swimming without fins and zero drag in my Split fins. The only draw back i can mention is the fact that they are low tops and my fins rubbed on the top of my foot until i got some water proof socks. Great set of aqua sneakers and highly recommend!!

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