Scuba Gear Reviews by Charles T. C.

Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light.
Rating: Scuba-Mini-U-Beam-5-L.E.D.-Dive-Light. Freebie 9/11/2010

I got this as a free light with purchase of another dive light. So cant complain. Its very compact and good for an easy backup light or for use to peak into small holes or even as a safety light on a tank.

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Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light
Rating: Princeton-Tec-Torrent-L.E.D.-Dive-Light Nice Light 9/11/2010

I bought this light mainly so I could have a decent backup light. Its fits just right in my BC pocket and has sufficient power for my needs. I like it.

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Underwater Kinetics Remora Titanium Knife
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-Remora-Titanium-Knife Good knife 9/11/2010

So far, so good. This knife is compact enough to attach to my BC where its not entangled anywhere yet easily in reach. Im quite satisfied with it.

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