Scuba Gear Reviews by Stuart Rhodes

Scuba Stainless Steel Knife
Rating: Scuba-Stainless-Steel-Knife Dive knife... 6/26/2010

Well made good looking knife for the price. If you need it once and it works then its paid for. Many others post about the rust pitting. Heres a tip. Of course rinse and dry it well, then apply auto paste wax to it and dont wipe it off. This even works well on the cheap (lower quality) Chinese knives.

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Scuba 2.4lbs Divers Duffel Bag
Rating: Scuba-2.4lbs-Divers-Duffel-Bag Divers Duffel Bag 6/26/2010

When I got this package I said to the UPS driver... this is it? As I opened it I found this bag to be considerably more durable and accommodating than my previous bag. Its got plenty of room and, although I dont wear my wet suit much in SW Florida, theres plenty of extra room for that too. I really like the fat HD plastic zippers... no more corroded zippers! Exceptional bag for a reasonable price.

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