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Rating: Super Warm, Comfortable, love it

Pros: This 5/3 hooded vest under a 7mm allowed me to tolerate 60F water. For most people, that means you can tolerate 50F water. The vest does not allow water to circulate, and I have come out of the water with dry spots. Con: Its best to have a dive buddy help you take it off! If it fits right, it is tough to get the neck over your head. Not out of the ordinary.

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XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy.(SMB)
Rating: XS-Scuba-Surface-Marker-Buoy.SMB XS SMB - Big, Bright, and Beautiful!

This SMD is huge - 9" diameter and 7 tall! It doubles as a 25 lb lift bag. As such, you WILL be seen when you deploy it. I found it easy to use, but it needs way more air than one can fill by mouth. Dont plan on using the mouth inflate for anything more than pumping it up at the surface. I also found it easy to deflate, and roll up against a raised thigh, at the surface. It is well constructed and as long as you treat it well (dont "throw it in the back of the truck with the heavy stuff), itll stand the test of time. Con - rolled up, it is a little bigger than usual. I find it well worth its extra capabilities, but some may balk at the bulk.

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