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Innovative Large Dive Flag Binder Log Book
Rating: Innovative-Large-Dive-Flag-Binder-Log-Book Love this Dive log!

Love this dive log, Any diver seeing it knows instantly that you are a diver (when your not diving of course). Has plenty of slots on the inside left to hold plenty of cert cards. able to hold multiple pens or pencils, and a velcro pouch. The binder rings are good and hold standard dive log pages, the right side is a netted area that opens at the top and great place to put small things such as calculators, dive stickers, or whatever you can imagine.. The stitching of the book is good and looks durable and no issues with quality. Deffinately a eye catcher of other divers and have gotten plenty of complements on it.

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XS Scuba Titanium Saw Knife
Rating: XS-Scuba-Titanium-Saw-Knife Great knife

great dive knife. hopefully i will never have to use it, but is comforting that i have a versatile tool if i ever do. no rust issues and hopefully will not see any being a titanium blade. the lock on the sheath is great, no way you can this knife on accident unless you break a leg strap or forget to lock the 2nd lock into place.

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XS Scuba Titanium Saw Knife
Rating: XS-Scuba-Titanium-Saw-Knife NIce bag, a bit small

I personally should have done some more research prior to buying this backpack. Overall far as quality its a great bag, just a bit small for my needs. I can squeeze a large majority of my gear into the bag including my Split fins on the bottom (tight fit), a 2X BC, mask, snorkle, Wetsuit, gloves, boots, hood and my dive book on the outside zipper pouch. You may be able to squeeze a few more small things into the bag but it would be extremely tight. Overall, it is a great bag and I cant fault the manufacturer for my short insight into my needs. The construction of the bag is solid, good zippers, wheels roll smoothly. Just wish the bag was bigger and had side fin pockets to help with space issues.

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Akona Weight Carry Bag.
Rating: Akona-Weight-Carry-Bag. Great Weight Bag!!

have been using it for several months now, has plenty of room for weights. i carry two 5lbs, two 4lbs, two 3 lbs, four 2lbs, two 2lbs ankle weights, two 1lbs ankle weights along with my two large seaquest bc weight pouches with room to spare. the weight bag is well constructed and extremely durable. the zipper is well made and have not had any binding issues. there are also a few drainage holes on the bottom of the bag to help any water drain from the bag. i would buy deffinately buy this bag again if i needed a 2nd bag.

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