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Trident L.E.D. Light Stick
Rating: Trident-L.E.D.-Light-Stick Green LED light stick 6/7/2010

Fantastic tank light. Easy to see without interferring with the fish life and other divers. Only wish it had an easier attachment to place on back of the tank.

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Sealife Spare/Replacement Battery
Rating: Sealife-Spare-Replacement-Battery Long life battery 5/9/2010

I have been used to having a battery that barely last through a one hour dive, as does the one for the DC 500. I now use that camera for work and carry the extra battery, fully charge with me. I use my DC 1000 around the house in between dives and the battery just keeps going. I change the battery just to give the others a chance to be dicharged and charged. Funny thing....none have fully discharged yet. The real test will be in 3 week, in Bonaire.....

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Sealife Spare/Replacement AC Adapter
Rating: Sealife-DC1200-DC1000-DC800-AC-Adapter AC Adapter 5/9/2010

This makes life so be able to charge the batteries inbetween dives, over night, etc. The DC adapter alone is only useful in the car - not much good unless you have a DC adapter for the AC current. Thanks for having the AC adapter available.

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Sealife Battery Charger Tray
Rating: Sealife-Battery-Charger-Tray Great charger 5/9/2010

The tray is small, which will be great for traveling. The battery fits firmly in the cradle, which means the cats can not take it out and make a hockey puck out of it! - my battery doesnt get lost while being charged. It is a good design for the purpose.

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