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Rating: Soft and comfortable

i use this snorkel exclusively for freediving. it came with a plastic clip as a snorkel keeper. the clip itself isnt designed well enough to hold onto the mask should you the snorkel from your mouth a wave could easily take it away. plus the clip puts a slight indent into the snorkel. i prefer to stick it under my mask strap. you literally cant feel it when its placed like this, its that soft. super comfy mouthpiece that swivels only in one place. clearing it is actually simpler than a purge snorkel, you dont have to worry about clearing to hard and ending up with a mouthful of water. for comparison, the snorkel clears like any other j-snorkel. if youre looking for a snorkeling/freediving snorkel, this is the best one you can get.

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Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps
Rating: Innovative-Ez-Spring-Fin-Straps Cheap and reliable.

These fin straps are near perfect. I say near because the female buckles that came with it dont quite fit my Scuba Max fins. Theyre a little tight to snap on and dont quite pivot well. The buckles on the fins overall are a little bit longer than normal buckles that Ive seen. But they fit my shorter female buckles from the original fin straps I had. Theres a little 1-axis wiggle play, but I dont feel like the buckle will come undone accidentally. The heel tab is big enough to fit 2 gloves (3mm) fingers in and I have yet to catch it on anything. I would suggest using the heel tab to assist in getting your fingers around the entire spring when pulling, so you wont stress the tab too much. Over all its a great spring fin strap pair for a great price. If youre willing to pay more for spring straps Id suggest getting the ones without quick releases and such. Once you have spring fins, you wont ever need quick releases. For reference I have a size 8 bootie with S/M fin size and I got a small (6 in spring, not including buckles).

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Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps
Rating: Innovative-Ez-Spring-Fin-Straps A Bag that depends on the User.

first off: i have a sherwood magnum reg with 3 hoses, the primary reg, bc power-inflate hose for an integrated air, and a sherwood insight compact console. moving onto the bag: - back-outside pocket very tight (for papers only) - console sleeve/protector inside bag, stitched to the backside, one way opening oriented to bottom corner of bag - heavy duty-easy slide zipper (will not slide open) - thick protective outside material - dries easily when wet depending on how your reg is set up may make or break this bag. i had to reconfigure my hose placement to get the reg to fit. before, the first stage was oriented at too much of an angle and the hoses looked stressed. the console sleeve is thick and i feel like itll protect from scratches very well. however because you have one there, you can only place your first stage at only 2 corners of the bag. and depending on your length of hoses you may get into an awkward situation where your second stage will either sit coiled on top of the sleeve or on youre first stage. with my set up i am satisfied. there is enough thickness left for me to add a octo hose/reg, but then i feel it would be real stuffed.

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