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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap
Rating: Scuba-Divers-Baseball-Cap Divers Baseball Cap 5/1/2010

Cool free add on to the order. Fits great!

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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap
Rating: Scuba-Divers-Baseball-Cap PADI - Divemaster Crew Pack with Instructor Manual 5/1/2010

The price is the best feature of the kit. I am a PADI Master Instructor/store owner and saved serious money buying kits from, as opposed to a purchase from PADI. Go figure! I told my current 6 students to buy the kit directly from to save money. It all has to do with the buying power from As a store owner I am here to make a living - but I think the kit price here is a fair price for what you will receive, but for what I would have paid PADI directly and put some profit margin in for the store would have made the kit way over-valued. The kit is exactly what a Dive-master candidate needs for the PADI Program. My major disappointment in the kit was the condensed instructor manual, which has nothing to do with It is way too abbreviated and lacking, but fulfills the requirements for certification. Ultimately a student should buy a real instructor manual for the Dive-master program and reference material. I personally have to rate the kit with 5 stars, because PADI requires it and it contains all the items needed for a program except for the eRDPML.

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