Scuba Gear Reviews by Patrick O´Horo

Trident Foam Tank Rack
Rating: Trident-Foam-Scuba-Tank-Rack Good stuff 08/14/2010

Tired of your tanks clanging around?? these did the trick. I use them in the car and on my boat. Theyre not fancy, but they do the trick and hold up to wear and tear.

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Omni Swivel Regulator Omniswivel
Rating: Omni-Swivel-Regulator-Omniswivel Worth their weight in gold! 08/14/2010

I original added one of these to my reg setup to eliminate jaw fatigue/hose pull. I had no idea how much it would change my comfort level! The hose feels like it’s gone. I can route my second stage over or under arm too. My wife hates it when I buy her scuba gear… she never thinks it’s worth the money. After trying my reg, she asked for one too.

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XS Scuba Right Angle Underarm Low Pressure Adapter
Rating: XS-Scuba-Right-Angle-Underarm-Low-Pressure-Adapter Excellent Addition 08/14/2010

i have the airwave plus inline octo. it is a great octo but the hose comes out the left side making it better for sharing air however, if i need it, not so great. the addition of the right angle underarm adapter is the perfect solution. now if i need my spare, i can use it easily and comfortably.

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