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Rating: Important Safety and Very Good Signaling Device!

Our divemaster in St. Lucia had what I would call a "quaker" or device that sounded like a duck and could be heard a good distance. I ordered another device from another company and was disappointed when it did not meet my expected standard and couldnt be heard by my partner just a few yards away. Apparently I didnt notice it was a surface device before ordering. However, the "Dive Alert Plus" worked great both above and below the surface. I didnt "need" it above the surface on this trip but when I tested it and did as directed (pointed it away from everyone) it emitted a very loud and piercing sound that still brought ughs from my buddies. This encouraged me should I ever "need" to use it in an emergency or get separated from the boat in a drift dive etc. The underwater mode was less loud and sounded a bit like a big burp to me but I was told it sounded like a "quack" to some of the others. I plan on buying another one for my wife now that I have tested it. I look at this as an added tool to help keep us together or notify one in other of things we would like to share without having to do the traditional tank banging or waving wildly hoping to get her attention.

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Rating: This Stuff Works Great!

First started using Mirazyme after a dive trip to Fiji and our equipment was damp and not fully rinsed due to the time between last dive and when it had to be packed for the 48 hour trip (after layover) home. It was suggested by our dive shop and it works great! Living on the ocean in Florida now has given me many new uses for anything that needs deodorizing (sandals, water shoes, swim gear etc.) Good stuff and very concentrated - 1 1/2 oz to 55 gallons or large trash bag lined trash can works great. I keep a couple of bottles around at all times.

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