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Innovative Pro Viton O-Ring Kit (40 Pieces)
Rating: Innovative-Pro-Viton-O-Ring-Kit-40-Pieces Fortunately, I have not had to use it yet!

I am writing this review for a Pro Viton O-ring Kit. Like the title of my review states, I have not yet had the need to use this kit. However, I always carry the kit with me when I plan a dive so that I have extra O-rings in the event of an emergency. It gives me the piece of mind knowing I will not lose an entire day diving because of a shoddy o-ring. About the kit itself, there are plenty of o-rings, and they come in a wide assortment of sizes. No matter what size o-ring goes bad, you should be covered. There are o-rings for computers, hoses, and just about everything else that is essential for diving. This kit is well worth the price should you ever have to use it in an emergency situation!

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Innovative Signal Mirror
Rating: Innovative-Signal-Mirror Decent safety signal

In scuba diving, it is essential to have the appropriate safety gear. This signal mirror is small/light enough to carry when diving, made of an extremely durable lexan material, and is easy to use thanks to a see-through aiming sight. The attached lanyard also prevents the user from losing it. Fortunately, I have never had to use my signal mirror, but it is nice to know that I have it tucked inside my BC pocket in the event of an emergency.

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Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps
Rating: Innovative-Ez-Spring-Fin-Straps Great fin straps

I believe that any review should start out by describing the users experience, and the manner in which the product was used. I am relatively new to the world of diving as I had just been certified last summer, and I only completed five boat dives with these straps. I really liked these fin straps because they make it super easy to don and doff my fins. All it takes is a simple pull of the strap handle and to slide the strap either up over the foot or down away from the foot to secure/remove the fins. We had one day of diving where the seas got pretty rough (4-6 foot swells) during our dive, and I had absolutely no problems getting the fins off using one hand while hanging onto the small dive boat with the other arm in those conditions. The stainless steel spring feels like it is fairly heavy duty. The build quality seems to be top notch. The rubber heel padding provides adequate cushion to make these straps exceptionally comfortable. The only drawback is that the rubber padding can slide along the stainless steel spring. However, that does not happen after the foot is secured into the fin. I highly recommend these straps!

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