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Scuba Gear Reviews by Jeff H.

XS Scuba Folding Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: XS-Scuba-Folding-Wetsuit-Hanger Folding Wetsuit Hanger Blue 1/24/2010

Product is as described. Very strong construction. Fits suit very well, folding attachments great for hanging gloves or hood with suit. Would recommend.

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Neosport by Henderson 5mm Farmer John Wetsuit
Rating: Neosport-by-Henderson-5mm-Farmer-John-Wetsuit 5mm Farmer John Mens Black Medium 1/24/2010

Farmer John compliments jacket to make a very good complete wetsuit. The size comes very close to the sizing chart. Legs were a little long with kneepads lower than optimal, but Im shorter than most at 55". Little extra space in the legs, contour could have been a little better. An alteration fixed the problem. A very good purchase without first trying it on. Would recommend.

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Neosport by Henderson 5mm Step-In Wetsuit Jacket
Rating: Neosport-by-Henderson-5mm-Step-In-Wetsuit-Jacket 5mm Step-In Jacket Mens Black Medium 1/24/2010

Jacket fits as described in reference to sizing chart, it is comfortable to wear and has good contours for a very nice fit. Thickness is just right to keep you warm without restricting movement, zipper works very well. Would recommend this product.

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