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Rating: Accessory Cuff Review

This accessory cuff came free with my BCD but in all honesty Ill probably never use it. I did look it over a bit after I received it but couldnt figure out how I would attach it to my BCD. I guess it might come in handy if I was going to take along a spare air bottle but thats the only time that I would consider using it. Im not a tech diver so I really dont have a need to drag along any extra gear with me, I find that anything I need can either fit into a pocket on my BCD or clip onto a D-ring.

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Zeagle Stiletto BC
Rating: Zeagle-Stiletto-BC Zeagle Stiletto BC Review

a call to and a quick talk to a techy helped me correctly the right sized bcd. i found the personalized adjustments to the bcd were quick and intuitive and if i gain or lose a few pounds i wont need to buy a new bcd, i can simply redo the adjustments and the velcro closing cumberband will fit me as well as it does now. while i dont find the inflater quite as easy to use as the one on my old mares bcd it is still easy to use, i think if it had about a 3" longer hose that would fix the problem. (if i had of bought this bcd first, i would have probably thought the hose on the mares was too long ). the fact that the power inflator end quickly disconnects makes it a breeze to flush out the bladder, you can even screw a garden hose on it if you so desire. having the back weights sitting on the side of the tank makes it much easier to keep your head above water on the surface as with most rear inflation bcds you have the tendency to be face down when youre on the surface. it has enough pockets and d-rings to hang and store all of my extra gear. my mares bcd had weight pouches and ive lost 2 of them so putting the weights into special weigh pockets makes sense as with mare bcd i usually put them in the pockets and left the pouches behind to save me the price of buying new ones. ive used my new bcd for 4 dives now and all and all it is one great bcd. all in all i would give this bcd a 9 out of 10.

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