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Akona 2mm High-Top Dive Socks
Rating: Akona-2mm-High-Top-Dive-Socks does the job

I bought these to provide myself with extra warmth in my booties. they are very loose and possibly too big. they feel bunched up when I put my booties on over them. They also give me foot cramps after a while which never happened in the past. But, they do keep my feet warm which I think is worth the foot cramping but if you ask me, I wouldnt buy them again. I would recommend something a bit more form fitting or just get a smaller size.

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Akona 2mm High-Top Dive Socks
Rating: Akona-2mm-High-Top-Dive-Socks Different

This suit is has its strengths and its setbacks which have most likely been solved by Pinnacles new line of semidry suits. Pros: This suit does the job. Its incredibly warm without being very thick, and it looks great. The wool lining on the inside is very soft, comfy and easy to get into. After my first dive, I was in a hurry and couldnt wash it and then I forgot about it...for a week. Came back and it smelt like I had already washed it. The wool really does keep it from smelling. elbow and knee pads are very durable Cons: Ive never owned a front zip but this thing definitely takes some getting used to. Its hard to zip and the attached hood makes you feel claustrophobic as it puts pressure on your wind pipe. Also, the zippers on the ankles are hard to zip once you are actually in the wetsuit but that could just be me. Just to get this thing on, I need a second person. It also hurts your neck after a while and it restricts your movement by a lot compared to standard one piece 7mm suits. I recommend practicing getting in and out of it before taking it to the ocean. I honestly think my issues is that Im pushing the limits of the wetsuits maximum size capacity. Great for diving in the Monterey Bay area where it is cold

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Akona 2mm High-Top Dive Socks
Rating: Akona-2mm-High-Top-Dive-Socks Comfortable is not always good.

So, this mask is the first mask I have ever bought that wasnt a hand-me-down or something I didnt find at the bottom of the ocean. 2 things I am still getting used to: first of all, the silicon skirt. Very comfy but unlike most of my friends, I dont like it. My mask seems to flood water just enough to make my dives in cold water very uncomfortable. But since I seem to be the only one with this problem and I have no other soft silicon mask to compare it to, I think its just me. Second, if you get the mask that is not clear on all sides, you get mad tunnel vision and disorientation every now and then. Again, I think its just me and my bad viz diving but i never seemed to have that problem with my old crusty clear masks. so besides my personal problems, this mask is great. low profile, great looking, and comfortable. easy strap adjusting as well. Happy Diving

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone good, but not 100% dry

so, i bought this snorkel because i was tired of drinking seawater when it was choppy out on the ocean. it works great..most of the time. i do a lot of freediving and spearfishing with this snorkel and for the most part it keeps water out but it still lets in some water. this becomes very annoying since it is now forcing me to inhale slowly to keep water from being inhaled from inside my snorkel. and for some reason, it is very difficult to just blow out those few s of water. but im picky. it really is a great snorkel, just not 100% dry. and one other little thing, its a pretty big snorkel. i was kind of surprised by its bulky-ness when it first arrived in the mail. but i got over that pretty quick. happy diving

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Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light
Rating: Scuba-Mini-U-Beam-5-L.E.D.-Dive-Light. great backup light

I received this light free when i bought a UK C8 light. This light is small yet surprisingly powerful enough to use during the day. I have it attached to my BC to use it when I want to check out dark crevices. its easy to use, inexpensive, surprisingly durable, and a great backup light.

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Pinnacle 7mm Titanium Standard Diving Hood
Rating: Pinnacle-7mm-Titanium-Standard-Diving-Hood good first time hood

Although it is a standard dry hood, it fits well, is very comfortable, warm, and looks great in my opinion. i like the reflector pattern on the back. Ive been diving regularly for years and only recently since I moved to a place with cold water have i needed to use a hood. So overall, i like this hood. great for first time buyers.

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