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Scuba Mask Strap Wrapper
Rating: Scuba-Mask-Strap-Wrapper mask strap wrapper 12/26/2009

Actually was a bit more of an adventure to attach than anticipated. Need to detach strap and feed through the band, think pushing a string. A friend on our recent trip had a version that has velcro strips that replace the strap, much easier to install but very limited flexibility to remove mask. Both versions work great once the mask is on, and inexpensive enough to try both. The extra our friend had saved a dive for someone on the boat so an extra a good thing for the gear bag.

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Innovative Original Snappy Coil Lanyard
Rating: Innovative-Original-Snappy-Coil-Divers-Lanyard Coil Lanyard Worked 12/26/2009

Chose this equipment to use with new underwater light as a less pricey alternative to a coil retracter. Easily adapted to rental BCD, and stayed tucked away in smallish pocket till needed. Long enough extended to freely use light without concern and free hands. Got black, might opt for a color easier to pick up at a distance. Good buy

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