Scuba Gear Reviews by Miriam Z.

Innovative Removable BC Compass with Clip
Rating: Innovative-Retractable-BC-Compass-with-Swivel Reliable and Easy to Use

Theres nothing fancy about this retractable compass - its just a compass on a retractable line. However, it is reliable and user friendly. The retractable line is great for those of us that dont have a compass on our console or wrist and I can easily clip the compass on my BC and even tuck it into one of my zippered pockets to keep it out of the way when not in use. This product is reliable, easy to use, and worth the price

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XS Scuba Fusion Mask
Rating: XS-Scuba-Fusion-Mask Good for the price but something not quite right

I love being able to see to the sides without turning my head although there is quite a bit of distortion at the corners. Something I should be able to get used to. PROBLEM - I have made 19 dives in this mask and each and every time, it leaks through the top seal. Just a little and usually more at the beginning of each dive. I make sure there is no hair in the seal but it still happens. Its irritating. I read another post about leaking so perhaps this is a design flaw. The one good thing about the leaking is that I am now used to getting salt water in my eyes and no longer need to close my eyes in the ocean. However, I am not happy that I have to put up with the leaking.

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