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Scuba Gear Reviews by Mike D.

XS Scuba Deluxe Mesh Backpack Bag
Rating: XS-Scuba-Deluxe-Mesh-Backpack-Bag Glad to do business with you. 7/23/2010

I bought this bag/backpack so I could take my own gear with me to Mexico for a dive trip my buddy and I planned. It would be much easier to haul my gear in this than the hard box I normally use in the states. I ordered this from you my buddy chose to purchase one from a local store that sells dive equipement. We hadnt even made it to our first boat dive and he had already ripped one of the handles basically off of the bag due to the weight. This made me examine the bag more closely and upon comparison the canvas, draw string and reinforcement was far superior to the bag he purchased that was made by another manufacture. Thanks Mike from Bakersfield

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Deep See 2mm Barnacle Diving Gloves
Rating: Deep-See-2mm-Barnacle-Diving-Gloves Deep Sea Barnacle Gloves 2mm 6/26/2010

These were sort of an experiment I was not very happy with the gloves I was using because it was very difficult to work zippers on my BCD and get items out of pockets. Even clearing my ears was sometimes difficult because of the limited space on my mask next to my nose for my fingers. I Wanted gloves that would offer protection from accidental cuts and scrapes. Keep my hands warm within reason and give me more dexterity. These did all of that. Thanks Mike from Bakersfield CA

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Deep See 2mm Barnacle Diving Gloves
Rating: Deep-See-2mm-Barnacle-Diving-Gloves Sherwood Limited SM1 Mask 6/26/2010

I am not a fan of purge valve masks but my wife when taking her open water class was a bit apprehensive about clearing a traditional mask. We tried a different brand of mask with a purge valve and it was not nearly a comfortable and also limited her field of vision. This mask did not. I recommend this mask to anyone considering a mask with a purge valve. Mike from Bakersfield Ca

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