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Scuba Gear Reviews by Robert W Popp

CSP Hammerhead Shark T-Shirt
Rating: CSP-Hammerhead-Shark-T-Shirt Intended to show 4/23/2010

I want people to know I dive.These shirts were just what I was looking for.They fit fine The price is on my wish list. Rob Popp

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Omni Swivel Regulator Omniswivel
Rating: Omni-Swivel-Scuba-Regulator-Omniswivel Freedom of Movement 2/12/2010

I bought this mechanism for mask movement freedom. This device allows your MASK to be at ease.Quick face movement is essential in times of need.Without it your air hose will cause your mask to unseal allowing cold water to enter your mask.One should never under estimate omni movement while diving.Reasure your time under water with smart tools.Full Face masks and the Omni Swivel are user friendly They belong together..... Rob Popp (35 year diver)

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Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask
Rating: Ocean-Technology-Mantis-Full-Face-Mask Full Face Mantis 2/3/2010

The clear color is the smartest allowing only a little perifrial loss.It fits just fine for a slightly smaller face. The price is more down to earth than the higher priced models with as many extras. Rob Popp

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