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Zeagle Split Saddle Strap Assembly
Rating: Zeagle-Split-Saddle-Strap-Assembly Zeagle crotch strap (split)

I bought this for my Scout BC. Needed to stich up a buckle to the BC. The straps are long enough for a big person (I needed to cut mine). I dove 6 times since and found it holds the BC quite well.

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Zeagle Scout BC
Rating: Zeagle-Scout-BC Zeagle Scout BC

I bought this BC specifically for travelling and was very happy after the first trip. It is light and small, which is very important in the era when airlines are so meticulous about luggage dimensions, weight, number of pieces... The BC is completely functional for a 140lb guy in warm water with 15lb of lead. I used the integrated weight pockets, which were sufficient to fit 10-12lb. With a video camera I was putting a piece of lead in the pocket. I made a small modification: removed the front velcro (held by screws) and stitched a buckle at the back for a crotch strap. With this set up you do not feel like you are wearing a BC at all. My wife saw me diving with the bc, tried it and asked to buy one for her because it was quite a diffrenece with a jacket style bc. So, I just ordered a small one. BTW, it is $200 and built like a tank.

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