Scuba Gear Reviews by Brienne L.

Rating: Trilam HD Tech Drysuit. Okay gloves a bit buly a long. 11/15/2009

The gloves were alright. I found them to be bulky and too long for my taste. They hit about 3-3.5 inches above your wrist. For a drysuit it seemed a bit much, maybe with a wetsuit they would be better suited. I wont dive with these again, Ill be purchasing another type of glove shortly.

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Bare Trek Boots
Rating: Bare-Trek-Boots Good boots a bit on the big side 11/15/2009

I really like these boots. They are nice and sturdy and fit well over my drysuit booties. The only thing is that they seem to run a bit on the big side.

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Bare Trilam HD Tech Drysuit.
Rating: Bare-Trilam-HD-Tech-Drysuit. Awesome! 11/15/2009

I live in the PNW and the water temp gets down into the mid 40s low 50s during the winter. Im a first time drysuit diver and did a lot of research before buying the trilam hd tech. I love it!! I have had no problems with it, no leaks, no difficulty with buoyancy. In fact my husband is jealous and is thinking about getting rid of his old DUI and buying a new BARE too.

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