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Aeris Air Link
Rating: Aeris-Air-Link Why not combine the two? 7/11/2010

The Air Link is pretty much the same as my my old Oceanic Air XS. It eliminates the need for an octo, letting you feel a little more stream-lined. It performs solidly underwater and the inflator is easy to press and discharge. This octo/inflator fits only Aeris and Oceanic BCDs.

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Aeris Air Link
Rating: Aeris-Air-Link Great Crossover BCD 7/11/2010

The last BCD I owned was the Oceanic Excursion, which I loved. It was rock solid and had everything you could want in a BCD. Unfortunately, the airline lost that one and for my replacement I wanted something similarly functional but lighter. I do most of my diving in the Caribbean and wanted to shave a couple pounds off my luggage weight. According to what I read online, the 5 Oceans was the perfect fit for my needs. It is indeed light and functional. My only complaint is that there is no cummerbund. There is only a buckle around the waist and even when I tighten the buckle straps as far as they will go, I still cant get a snug fit. Im slender at 61" 170lbs, but Im not a rail by any means. I guess that missing cummerbund is how they chopped off all that weight. That and a second air dump on the shoulder and no pockets. Overall, really happy with the BCD. I would recommend to a friend.

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