Scuba Gear Reviews by Adriane T.

Rating: 5mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Jacket LOVE THIS! Product & get 5 stars 10/19/2009

Tested the price matching policy with this one. Found the Wisdom advertised on another site w/compass & QD for suspicioulsy low price. Called (Id never actualy BUY anything form the other site!) and they honored the price match guarantee without hesitation! I love the product, as well. Easy to use, easy to learn, easy to change factory pre-sets, if desired. LARGE readout makes for great UW vis. Compass is also easyt to see. USB interface for computer set up in minutes and works flawlessly. VERY HAPPY with this one!

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Akona Dry Stuff Sack
Rating: Akona-Dry-Stuff-Sack Does the job 10/19/2009

Definitely keeps items dry. Deserves 5 stars for that. Quality construction, again 5 stars. So whyd I only give it 4 stars? I just dont quite care for the shape of the bad, which is really just personal preference. I have no complaint about the quality or performance of the bag, I just dont find it comfortable to carry/bring along.

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XS Scuba Lead Shot Weight
Rating: XS-Scuba-Lead-Shot-Weight Clearly marked 10/19/2009

Pros: very clearly marked, quality construction. Cons: none

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XS Scuba Lead Shot Weight
Rating: XS-Scuba-Lead-Shot-Weight Love Em 10/19/2009

What can you say about ankle weights? Given that, I like these enough to own 2 pair! IMO, the design of this ankle weight, with the weight distributed along the entire length, buckle to buckle, rather than a shorter weight attached to webbing at either end, is superior, as is the double-walled construction. Whether on ankles, tank, or tucked into trim pockets, I am rareley without them.

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Trident Suit Juice
Rating: Trident-Suit-Juice Great stuff!! 10/9/2009

i always the top half of my wetsuit between dives, even though getting a still-wet suit back on is never easy. a couple sprays of this stuff and it glides right back on. i first tried it with the initial suit-up (dry wetsuit) and di not find it at all effetive. but for re-suiting after the first dive(s), this stuff is the best

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Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Jacket
Rating: Henderson-5mm-Thermoprene-Wetsuit-Jacket quality product not for me 10/9/2009

Product appeared to be a quality product, and service was excellent, as usual. Im not heavy (sz 4-6) but curvy. Definitely not the lanky or athletic type. The cut on this suit just not right for me. Too narrow in the arms, too lare in the torso, just right in the hips. Back it went. Thanks to the awesome service form, I was able to try a different brand wetsuit in the comfort and convenience of my own home. When it wasnt the right cut for me, the return was a piece of cake!

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