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Rating: What a nice Surprise!!!

Thank you for the 10.00 Virtual Dollars gift! We have ordered alot the items from We have never been disappointed! They are very helpful and ordering from this company is a breeze. The reviews help out greatly when deciding what will fit and will not. My husband and I have been ordering items for my daughters friends in Okinawa Japan. Jamie is stationed there in the United States Navy. All her friends liked her scuba suits that we bought her so well, that they wanted to know where they could get them. So now, we purchase their items for them. The kids get on the web site and pick out what they want and we order it for them, and then we forward their items onto them in Okinawa. And heres the fun part.. we do not charge them for the items that they wanted. My husband and I pay for their orders as it is our way and saying, "Thank you" for serving our country. The soldiers are thrilled and they are so appreciative. Underwater gear costs alot of money in Okinawa and our soldiers are on a limited budget, so, we are happy to do this small gesture for them. has awesome prices and awesome gear. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give to others at a reasonable cost with such superior quality! Dan & Helen

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Rating: NIce Farmer John suit!!!

I bought this suit for my son. Hes not into underwater activity much, but he uses it in a differnt way. He loves to fish in the rivers. He does alot of steelhead fishing. He likes this suit as it keeps him dry, and if he slips and falls, it doesnt fill up with water like tradional waders do. It keeps him very warm and is less constrictive while fishing with the famer john style. He likes the fact that he can throw on a flannel shirt under the suit or can throw a jacket on over the top. He definitely is very happy with this setup and would recommend it to everyone. All his friends want one now, they like it much better than the waders for fishing!

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Rating: Great Boots!!!!

I purchased these boots for my Husband and he loves them! He likes the fact that the soles are a little thicker and give more support to the bottom of the foot, yet still flexible. The zipper is very nice and its an easy in and easy out when using the boots. He says they keep his feet very warm in colder water. The fins fit nicely onto them. When walking around in them, they dont slide, they fit like a glove. The size seems to be true to form, so I would order that exact size, or a half size bigger if you have wide feet. He cant say enough about these underwater boots and says he would definitely buy them again!

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Rating: Awesome Gloves!!!!!

I purchased these gloves for myself and they fit beautifully! I love the velcro strap, as it lets you customize the fit to your arm and keeps the gloves snuggly in place. Also it allows for easy removal if need be. The natural curve of the glove makes it very comfortable and less constricting and less tiresome on my hands than other gloves I have worn. The extra small for a woman is just right, unless she has extra long fingers. I do some snorkling and mainly use them for underwater gold prospecting. They are tough and can withstand alot of use. The rubberized material on the palms of the gloves allows one to grip items easily. Not too course, but just enough so things dont slip out of your hands. I would definitely recmmend these gloves to anyone whose looking for a nice pair of underwater gloves that actually protect your hands and keep them warm and have a nice fit! Enjoy!!!

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