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Trident Innertube Bracket And Pole
Rating: Trident-Innertube-Bracket-And-Pole Innter tube bracket and pole

This is needed to lift the flag off of the dive float. Great to use near boat channels, secluded locations or far off shore. It works great on days when winds are down. I havent tried it on a windy day, yet, but I think it should hold up.

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Innovative Dive Flag
Rating: Innovative-Dive-Flag Dive Flag

The dive flag is an additional "diver down" marker that can be attached to the inner tube wrapped in the red zipper canvas. It is great in secluded dive sites or near boat channels as boat captians spot it more easily than just a float without the flag. The material is durable so I dont need to worry about tears in the material.

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Trident Innertube
Rating: Trident-Innertube Inner tube

the inner tube i purchased fits inside of the red zipper canvas. the tube keeps the canvas afloat which stores extra diving products like defog. the tube also serves as a surface float/down line for my students. i tied a rope to the outer canvas and ped a line to 30 and tied off to a cynder block. when the tube is full, it is stable enough to provide a starting point for the down line!

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Trident Heavy Duty Canvas Divers Float
Rating: Trident-Heavy-Duty-Canvas-Divers-Float Red Tube Canvas

I would recommend the red tube cover canvas to any scuba instructor or shore diver. As an instructor, I am able to leave defog, an extra mask/snorkel, and a couple of extra weights inside of the canvas while I dive with students. I dont have to worry about going back to shore to get defog and everything is secure as the canvas zips. Also the red canvas serves as a dive flag and notifies boaters that we are diving beneath. The canvas serves multiple purposes and I am very pleased with my purchase.

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