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Scuba Gear Reviews by Jennica K.

Rating: Hera BC Quality wetsuit 8/8/2009

This is a high quality wetsuit. It fits well and has a little more length than other wetsuits of the same size by different companies. I highly recommend it if you are a little taller but it appears that the wrist and ankle seals can be cut to a shorter length if necessary because there are multiple stiches parallel to the cuffs and no binding hems on the wrists or ankles. Perfect for a homemade custom fit if you need it!

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Rating: Hera BC Good starter accessory kit 8/8/2009

Perfect set of accessories for a beginner diver. The light is a perfect backup or to use to see under things better or in dark areas during the day. Wouldnt recommend it as the only or primary night for a night dive. The retractor is a little bit weak if youre thinking of trying to put a computer on it but it works well for the light. The knife mounts well to an oceanic BC (Id assume any current model, I have mine mounted to the Hera).

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Oceanic Hera BC
Rating: Oceanic-Hera-BC Excellent product 8/8/2009

Quality product by Oceanic. Fits the female figure well. The side pockets are a little tight if you want to put anything in them besides some defog and a couple other essentials. It would be nice to have some extra or expandable space. The hybrid bladder is a definate plus. It adds extra lift not found in a normal jacket style BC but had more comfort and security than a rear inflate.

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