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Scuba Gear Reviews by David Herzog

Rating: DC1 212 Maxflex Regulator not bad 4/25/2010

nice and big fits my reg without too much rolling-up. the logo is a bit tacky though hard to hide from the natives.

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Trident Reef Hook
Rating: Trident-Reef-Hook hook too big, string not easy to manage 4/25/2010

Bought this for my trip to Palau, but ended up using the ones provided by the dive shop (shark hooks with the point ground off). The hook is way too big and doesnt hook easily to small areas. Also the rope is nylon and doesnt roll up or "daisy chain" well. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 because the brass clip is top quality! I use it for other things now.

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Hollis M-1 Frameless Mask
Rating: Hollis-M-1-Frameless-Scuba-Dive-Mask great visibility 4/25/2010

super-clear glass and great visibility however, its not very easy to clear due to its downward-facing angle. it also rides up my face when i ascend (due to expanding volume - the upper part has more volume), and then leaks from the nose area. it folds up flat, and works well, so ill keep using it.

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Hollis 321 Balanced Octo
Rating: Hollis-321-Balanced-Octo excellent 12/14/2009

a good octo good enough to use as a primary.

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Hollis DC1 212 Maxflex Regulator
Rating: Hollis-DC1-212-Maxflex-Scuba-Regulator-Maxflex excellent regulator 12/14/2009

this is by far the best regulator ive ever used. it is completely even though all depths and super-easy to adjust (although theres usually no need to make any adjustments it works great on all settings). just dont forget to flip the travel swich before use! i feel safer using this. anything by hollis is tops.

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