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Oceanic Viper Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: Oceanic-Viper-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Viper Adjustable Strap Fins Yellow Mens 10-12/Womens 11-13 (REG

Im a size 10.5 in a shoe size so I figured that the REG size fins would work perfectly. I think my foot is a little wider than the average persons foot. My foot fits pretty tightly in the fin and sometimes is uncomfortable but if I get it adjusted just right then it really isnt that big of a problem. I tried on other fins that gave me more room with their regular sizes and they felt a lot better. The fins work pretty good in the water. I never got any leg fatigue. I just got my open water cert so I think these are good beginner fins. I plan to upgrade to better fins in the future.

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone Ultra Dry Snorkel

i just received my open water cert and has a beginner i would have to say that this snorkel is a great snorkel. it really doesnt let any water get in and if it does its just a or two. the purge valve works great so you can just blow any water out without a problem. i thought it was quite comfortable as well. great snorkel in my opinion.

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