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Rating: best on sale

i get cold even in 80 degree water, so short of getting a drysuit, wool lining was my best hope. the product is excellent, but usually way out of my price range. fortunately, i got a closeout model through for $99 (less than 1/4 retail) and was very happy with its performance. its a back zip, so i had to cut the neck down and put a v in it in order to breathe, but after that it was great. buoyancy took a little getting used to its more buoyant at surface and less at depth than my titanium-lined 3-mm, so im still learning to work with it but well worth it to be comfortable on the third dive!

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Underwater Kinetics Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-Hangair-Wetsuit-Drysuit-Dryer good start, needs work

the concept is both obvious and clever a fan inside your wetsuit so it will be dry by next dive. i dont know why resorts that cater to divers dont do something about this on a mass scale, as nobody likes putting on a cold, wet wetsuit. unfortunately, this product is big for suitcase purposes, and not very high-powered (no heat, just a little fan), so it takes a while to do the job. get one where the wings fold in or collapse or come off and a fan with a little more testosterone and youve got a winner.

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