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Rating: Works as designed

Snaps right to the low pressure inflator for Scubapro Air II without any problems.

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Rating: Easy to use & adapters to control flow rate

I havent used many oxygen analyzers but if flow rate is important then this one is great. It comes with two low pressure inflator adapters (Scubapro & everythin else) which are supposed to limit the flow rate to just the right amount. So far Ive used the Scubapro adapter and it works without any problems. I was surprised I had to unscrew the unit and screw in the actual o2 analyzer into the unit but I think they all might be that way. Im new to Nitrox and dont know any better.

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Rating: Well made warm water boots

These boots are well made and look like theyll stand up to light wear/boat diving. Since they are 3.5mm soft sole boots dont expect to get a lot of wear out of them if you are beach diving, especially if the beach is rocky. If youll be doing that type of diving I would suggest a more rugged boot. I wanted something light for occasional boat diving so these fit the bill nicely. I have extra wide feet and they fit pretty well. My toes extend out the sides a little but not too much so they fit good enough.

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Rating: Good but far from complete

The PADI Rescue Diver DVD is good as a tool to review what you read in the manual however it does not cover all the topics in adequate detail. I understand the material needs to be presented by an instructor however it would be much more beneficial to include more content on the DVD. Would I recommend it... Yes.

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