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Submersible Systems Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Mini-Pressure-Gauge-For-Spare-Air Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air

The pressure gauge option adds a useful measure of safety by giving the operator an easy numeric psi measure of how much remaining air is available. And, it is no larger than the original stem gauge which provides a very course indication of whether the tank is full or empty. But, being able to tell that the tank is still half full underwater can make a difference when a few extra seconds count. Knowledge is power.

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Spare-Air-Pack Yellow 1.7CF Spare Air Pack

The product has a simple compact design and sturdy construction and is easy to carry as an emergency air supply for scuba diving, boating, or general aviation over open water. The bright yellow color makes it easier to see underwater and the air volume is enough to gain control of a surprise emergency while submerged. The one drawback is that the large purge button on top of the regulator is unprotected and can accidentally get pressed releasing some of the backup air.

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