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Rating: Wetsuit Heater

This wetsuit heater is nice. I used it on my third dive in one day out here in Catalina island. First off, it kept me really warm in my wet wetsuit for the few minutes that I was waiting to get into the water. I was warm the entire dive (about 40 minutes in 59F water). My friend who is very sensitive to cold also used it snorkeling in the same water and said it was awesome. She was in the water for about 20-25 minutes. Also, it is very easy to recharge, just boil it in a pot of water for about 10-15 minutes.

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TUSA Conquest 2 BC
Rating: TUSA-Conquest-BC-BCJ-7000 TUSA BCJ-7000

first off, this bc is very comfortable. it has many steel d-rings to attach stuff, a nice sized down pocket, two retractor grommets, and the back cushion is very comfortable with extra padding in the lumbar area (real nice coming out of a beach dive). its inflation device is in between a back and jacket inflator type. it inflates on the back and on the side, but not as much on the side like a jacket were it sometimes feels like its squishing your stomach. for lack of a better term, it is "bulky" compared to say a seaquest malibu, but thats because of its comfort additions, such as the back/lumbar cushion and massive padding on the shoulder straps. also, the air inflation system is separate from the tank harness keeping the tank real stable no matter what your inflation level is. the integrated weight system uses a two-step locking system. you first put the clip into the slot, and then you press in a locking tab. it is one extra step, but it makes it easy to visually verify that your weights are locked in correctly. a great comfortable bc, but if size is an issue (if you like super small bcs for easier travel) you may want to see it in person first as i have only seen a handful of different bcs to compare it against. i would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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