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Hyperflex by Henderson 6 Oz Loose Fit Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Rating: Hyperflex-by-Henderson-6-Oz-Loose-Fit-Short-Sleeve-Rash-Guard Hyperflex Rash Guard 08/12/2011

Although the ad says it is a loose fit I had to exchange the first one for 1 size larger to get the look and comfort level I wanted. If I could rate this item at 10 stars I would. It is a high quality rash guard for a reasonable price.

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Innovative Signal Mirror
Rating: Innovative-Signal-Mirror signal mirror 08/12/2011

I added this to my emergency supplies for when making salt water dives. Looks simple enough to use and the instructions are easy to follow for aligning the mirror on your targeted rescue party to get their attention. Have not used it for real & hope I never have to!

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Mares L.E.D. Torch with Strobelight
Rating: Mares-L.E.D.-Torch-with-Strobelight LED Dive Torch with Strobelight 08/12/2011

Tried it out on a night dive at the France Park Indiana fresh water quarry. The LED light was not strong enough to penetrate more than a few feet. Granted I was in a quarry with poor visiblity to start with but my back up halogen light was much more powerful. The strobe light worked great and that is what I really wanted in this light as it is part of my emergency signal kit for salt water night dives. I give this item 3 stars.

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