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J. W. Fishers 18 Coil For Boat Deployment
Rating: J.-W.-Fishers-18-Coil-For-Boat-Deployment Tow Your way to Treasure Success! 3/23/2009

For just a little money, you can convert your hand-held Fisher Pulse 8X Underwater Metal Detector into a boat-towed search unit thats perfect for honing in on buried loot! Go for it! Trolling for treasure is every bit as fun as trolling for fish, and, you might even find what youre looking for!

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J. W. Fishers Extra Battery Pack
Rating: J.-W.-Fishers-Extra-Battery-Pack Extra Battery Pack for Fisher Pulse 8X UW Metal Detector 3/23/2009

Its always nice to have a freshly-charged battery pack, when youre ready to "get wet", and find yourself a little undersea treasure. Whether your looking for a lost anchor, or a fortune in treasure, your time is money, and you deserve the very best. JW Fishers is still the best value when it comes to underwater metal detecting equipment.

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J. W. Fishers Pulse 8x Hand Held Metal Detector
Rating: J.-W.-Fishers-Pulse-8x-Hand-Held-Metal-Detector Have UW Metal Detector, Will Travel ... 3/23/2009

Theres no question about it: JW Fisher makes the best handheld underwater metal detector on the planet! The Pulse 8X packs a whole lot of American ingenuity into a rugged package thats ergonomically-designed to fit in the palm of your hand. I used the same detector years ago to locate an early 18th century French Frigate in the Caribbean, and, that experience made a believer out of me!

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