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Neosport by Henderson Neoskin 1mm Wetsuit
Rating: Neosport-by-Henderson-Neoskin-1mm-Jumpsuit.---Wetsuit Henderson Neosport 1mm Wetsuit Meets Whalesharks 09/01/2014

I bought this suit for the full coverage it offered while photographing whales sharks north of Isla Mujeres. The whale sharks didnt disappoint and neither did the wetsuit. It kept me warm in water in the mid eighties for hours at a time, it protected me from the sun, it allowed me to dive to 25-30 feet with no extra weight to capture silouettes, it reduced worries about sea lice and jelly fish, and it stood up well. It will become a staple of my tropical diving.

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ScubaPro Cabin Scuba Roller Bag
Rating: ScubaPro-Cabin-Scuba-Roller-Dive-Bag Youll Never Argue with the Airline About Size 05/05/2013

This scuba pro bag is high quality but small. You can get your reg bag, bathing suit, t-shirt, and limited camera gear in it but not much else. I like the bag but had hoped it would carry a bit more.

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Henderson 7mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Diving Gloves
Rating: Henderson-7mm-Aqua-Lock-Hyperstretch-Diving-Gloves At Last a Decent Pair of Gloves 01/03/2013

i wear 7 ml gloves in cold water with either my dry suit or 7 ml farmer john and tunic combo. an instructor, im usually the last one to gear up after helping everyone else and im sick of gloves that are impossible to get on and next to impossible to get off. henderson has solved my problem with the 7 ml aqua lock hyperstretch gloves. easy on, easy off warm, and good tactile features, my only complaint is that i didnt buy them sooner.

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Henderson 5/3mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Hooded Diving Vest
Rating: Henderson-5-3mm-Aqua-Lock-Hyperstretch-Hooded-Diving-Vest Warm, Comfy, and Easy On and Off 01/03/2013

A repeat Henderson buyer, I expected the 5/3 ml hooded vest to be good and its great. Diving in 75 degree water, Im wearing it under my full 3 ml suit. Before the first dive, Ive been getting funny looks and silly questions. Before the second dive, everyone wants to know where to get one. This product is tough, good looking, easy to get on and off, flexible (wear it hood on or pushed back). It has a permanent spot in my dive bag.

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Scubamax Reel
Rating: Scubamax-Reel 031488 Scubamax Reel 150 foot 04/10/2009

I mistakenly purchased this thinking Id use it to launch my safety sausage at my 15 to 20 foot safety stop. It is too cumbersome for that purpose and Ive gone back to a simple reel. That said, the Scubamax reel will be fine for towing my diver below tube.

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