Scuba Gear Reviews by Jennifer L. S.

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Trim-Diving-Weight-Tank-Pouch Slick little weight pockets 3/14/2009

Im going to get two more of these, to use on my waist belt in addition to my tank cam strap. These pockets are super for adding a bit of weight on the tank side of a bp/w rig.

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Hyperflex by Henderson 13 Oz Polyolefin Shorts
Rating: Hyperflex-by-Henderson-13-Oz-Polyolefin-Shorts Hyperflex Polyolefin shorts 3/14/2009

These shorts are great the way I use them - as a superlight insulating layer under my drysuit, for diving in cool (high 60s) water. The fit is a little odd around the waist, but perhaps thats because these are mens shorts.

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