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XS Scuba Plastic Protective Mask Box
Rating: XS-Scuba-Plastic-Protective-Mask-Box good mask box

This mask box worked great for protecting our masks during recent snorkeling trip to Caribbean. We always put all of our snorkeling gear in a big duffel bag for travel. The mask boxes ensured that our masks were not crushed by baggage handling. Adult masks fit in these just fine.

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XS Scuba Mesh Fin Bag
Rating: XS-Scuba-Mesh-Fin-Bag economical bags

I needed several bags to accommodate snorkeling gear for our travel group. This product was a good choice because of the price. I ordered 4 bags and when I received them, 2 of them were defective. (The grommet had come loose from the fabric on one of them and the button that holds the cording was broken on the other one.) I returned them and was quick to replace them so we had them in time for our recent trip. They worked great for everyone! Good value, good quality. I would order them again, if needed, with plenty of time to return if defective.

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Scuba. Mask Slap Wrap with Buckle Straps
Rating: Scuba.-Mask-Slap-Wrap-with-Buckle-Straps No more tangled hair!

This mask strap is excellent for anyone with long hair. Its super easy to attach to mask and adjust to your head size. The neoprene fabric just slides over hair without any tangling. :)))))

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone almost dry snorkel

For the most part, it worked great. A few times there was a little water, but Im used to blowing it out so it wasnt really a big deal. One time it came unclipped from my mask when I exited the water. I went straight to the outdoor shower to rinse the salt water off and realized I didnt have my snorkel....I ran back down to the water and was able to find my snorkel in some sea grass in shallow water. A man had stepped on it and knew it wasnt a shell or rock. He showed me the area and I found it. The clips were not broken...Im not sure how it came unhooked from my mask??? Anyway, Im thankful that I found it. Heres my advise...My snorkel is clear in color...if I had it to do over again I would purchase a bright color so if it does come unhooked it would be easier to spot in the ocean. It was a miracle that I found it! Again, it is a great product, just buy a color.

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone Big hair saver!

I cant believe Ive never owned one of these before!!! What a great invention!!! This strap cover stays put and made for easy mask on/off. Most importantly, no hair was yanked out of the back of my head! Ladies, you know what Im talking about... We just returned from a snorkeling trip with friends...I felt horrible that I didnt purchase mask straps for all the wives!!! They were envious of mine. Next trip I will have the perfect gift for all my friends! Only semi-negative was that I had to wear my ponytail a little higher than usual to be above the big deal.

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H2O Alpha 2 Mask
Rating: H2O-Alpha-2-Mask Great fit mask

I am very pleased with my new H2O Alpha 2 mask. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Cozumel where we snorkeled everyday. This is my first mask with a purge valve - loved it! It was comfortable on my face and didnt leave a "red mask mark". Another review spoke of the purge valve rubbing on nose and making nose sore. I didnt have any trouble with that. I had a little trouble with it fogging up, but all my masks have been that way. I used anti-fog spray and spit...does anything really work for a long period of time??? I hope to enjoy this mask for several years!

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